Good Day to Everybody, I'm Sankar , who wishes for your happy life. In this world, every living being should know their responsibilities and role what they are playing right now. It should take them in a right patch and how helpful and useful it that i made an article which is going to be a wonderful journey for all lovable readers. I can give assurance that these words will give relaxation to your mind. Some words are prepared by own experience of my traveling and feel of nature. I thought this is my responsibility to show all theses wonders in one blog. I want to share all my views and experience in this "Third Eye" blog. Since I have a habit of reading, I added some more concept which touched my heart. Hope it will touch yours also. I thank everyone for open this blog, whoever helped and helping me directly and indirectly.

Happiness is When What you Think, What you Say, and What you Do are in Harmony - Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

250 year Day-Date Reference Guide

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